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leveraging the age old battle

I saw this last week and actually spent about 45 minutes testing my intelligence and passing the link around to my friends.

Picture 4

This new push by Trivial Pursuit leverages the never ending quest to declare which sex is superior in intelligence. Not only do I think this is a genius move, and perfect match for Trivial Pursuit, but Hasbro went above and beyond with this one: When you play online at The Trivial Pursuit Experiment you’re first asked if you’re a male or female (duh!, it’s the battle of sexes!)- so, when you answer a question correctly you are served up a nice little kitschy phrase telling you how smart you are, and (in my opinion the best part, and smartest part of this whole thing) a FAIL video of the opposite sex. Coming straight from failblog and/or youtube these videos make you cringe, laugh, let out some UGH, and OWs, and then remember that’s why your sex is smarter- ’cause you don’t do stupid things like that dumb person did in the video. PHEW.

smart, fun, playful- who could want more? nice job Hasbro.


whether or not you like weather

I think you’ll appreciate and like this…it’s a fun, beautifully creative approach to an otherwise boaring, and often hateful, subject: the weather!


You can look at the next day and change the city you’re looking at. Although the weather is from Yahoo! it’s still more bearable because it’s so pretty to look at!

sit or squat or stand

Yeah, I’m talking about peeing. Sitorsquat was introduced to me a few weeks ago, and I’ve already expressed how excited I was about it on twitter, more than once! I immediately downloaded the iphone app and added my favorite place to pee before work:)


Charmin apparently found sitorsquat and put some money into it, lightly branded it, and built an iphone app for it. This is so smart from a brands perspective. They  found a useful and entertaining tool that was relevant to the brand and just went with it. Go Charmin! More brands need to be doing stuff like this!