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change of postings.

I was on Twitter today trying to gain inspiration, or some sort of motivation for this blog post I said I was going to write in regards to being a part of Twitter during the election. But, while I was on Twitter @bbonndesign tweeted to @juliaroy that @aarondignan had mentioned her in a speech he gave at at interesting new york. I know it’s a lot of tweetings and tweeters to keep in mind, but there is a light at the end of the tweet… watch this video on how “an entire generation is growing up seeing life as a game”

aaron dignan

I used to work for @aarondignan at Undercurrent when I first started this blog last year, and can easily say it’s those guys that got me started in the interactive world- they’re awesome; extremely smart and cutting edge thinkers…so watch the video and learn something:)!


experiencing history…online.

Last night while my friends were out making party at bars, in Time Square, at election parties in every nook and cranny of New York, I was at home dorking out. Yup. I was on Twitter non-stop, I was facebooking, I was watching current tv, I was reading blogs…oh yeah and I had the tv on too. I was tuned in, plugged in, and communicating about it all with as many people as I could.

I have so much to write about as far as what I experienced, the communication that happened, and how exciting it was to be a part of this election in cyberspace, but to begin I’ll start with the shallow ‘omfg it’s me!’ part:

election night 2008 on Gawker

election night 2008 on Gawker

Thats right…I was on Gawker last night. While tweeting with fellow nerds I came across a link. Gawker was asking for election night party photos, and although I lacked the party part of that request, I was still watching the election…so why not, right? I sent in a random photobooth picture I took in about 30 seconds, not thinking it would actually get posted, but I’m guessing their submission level was extremely low (as most people were not sitting at home blogging, micro-blogging, and social networking on this historic night). So, low and behold they posted it! HA. Please take a moment to laugh at the ridiculousness of this photo, especially after knowing that there were absolutely no substances involved, just a lot of dorking out:)

The election night on Twitter is my next subject, but my screen shots are on my other computer, so that post will have to wait.

for all you jet setters out there…

I want to talk about a site that in the last 6 months has gone from almost no users to about 34,000, and with good reason. DOPPLR is: A. a social network, kinda B. A twitter type ish thing sorta in that people see where you are(an update sorta) C. a planning tool D. a little bit of a lot of different things.

Now, to be more specific, because that was a ridiculous description, DOPPLR is a site, in the most simple description possible, to manage and track your travel (for you and yours). To begin with, you create a simple personal profile, than you enter in trips that you have planned in the near or far future. This site is really cool, and actually useful, for a number of reasons. When you view your upcoming trips , the view is available in list or map form (which I think is really cool!). You can easily let your friends know where you are going and when by sending them a message, or simply by having them as a contact (or in this site’s case they are called Fellow Travelers). You can choose who sees your trips, and whose trips you are updated on depending on how you choose to manage your ‘fellow travelers.’ The site keeps a ‘Journal‘ of your virtual life on DOPPLR, as well as documenting your past travel…sorta like a facebook newsfeed. Another really awesome thing is that DOPPLR will tell you if you know anybody who lives, is visiting, or is planning a trip in/at the place you are traveling to. But, as useful as that is, you have to have entered them into your DOPPLR account somewhere along the lines for that to actually work, and in all truthfulness, that probably won’t happen at this young stage of the site.

As far as design goes, I am really impressed with its simplicity. It doesn’t need to be more complex or more interactive than it already is. It works extremely well, and is an amazing digital tool for jet setters, which is a noun that is becoming more and more common these days for work or personal life.

If you read my blog and are on the move nonstop, I beg of you to at least give DOPPLR a chance…if not for your own management, than at least so you don’t have to twitter, facebook status update, myspace bulletin, text, or blog about where you are going, each time you go somewhere.

May DOPPLR be with you.

tweet tweet

So, here is a post that some of you will find annoying because of its obviousness, but hopefully will enlighten those of you that haven’t discovered Twitter yet. Twitter http://twitter.com is not only another site you can get distracted by throughout the day, but it is an amazing resource for yourself. Perfect example: Just now I made a tweet to my followers that said “Please go vote for me on youtube” and I followed that with a direct link to my video. That one little sentence will probably get more people to that site than writing on facebook or myspace. What is Twitter exactly, you ask? Well, it’s a social networking site that only allows you to post 140 characters at a time. It’s a facebook status update of sorts, but is used for much more than just letting people know what you are up to. You can follow people, which means you receeve their updates on your homepage, but they have to choose to follow you back, they don’t necessarily have to. Some really interesting people I am following are CNN, Barack Obama, and someone named Cookbook who posts recipes. I can’t rave about Twitter enough. If you are really obsessed and into it, there are instant message type things called Snitter and Twitterific, so you don’t even have to go to the website. You can have it on your facebook page, and also get it directly sent to your cellphone. Just do it. I promise, unless you really aren’t into the internet (in which case you are screwed for the rest of your life ’cause that’s where the world is headed), you will love Twitter!

So, this is my last post for at least a few days, as I am headed up north to see the family. Keep checking back, there will be more posts before the holidays, but safe travels to anyone that is going somewhere in the next few days!

no…it’s not a shortcut on your computer

I heard about this site from a tweet on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ ; CommandShift3: http://commandshift3.com/ is a website that, like in the description, is a sort of hot or not for virtual geeks. It can be the most gorgeous website you’ve ever seen and you’re jsut thankful you’re finally seeing it, or it can be a poorly made site that lacks any creativity at all (kind of like mine!-sorry about that guys…I’m working on it). There is so much content and so many sites to look through that browsing can suck you in for hours. But, there are ways to sift through the entries; You can look at the best and worst sites daily, weekly, monthly, and all time. If you even have 10 min. of free time in front of your computer, take a look! Trust me when I say, CommandShift3 will bring prettyness into your digital life that you only hope existed in our cyber space of words and white screens. Big thumbs up from me!