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follow this adventure:

My adventure seeking brother, and 3 very close friends of mine from college have decided to embark on an incredible journey this summer. Starting May 1st these four guys will begin their coast to coast bike ride. They’ve decided to blog, vlog, photo share, and twitter * the experience so we can all watch with intense jealousy as they travel thousands of miles with their own two legs, sleeping in tents night after night exploring the deep breadth and expanse of the country.


These guys are not only riding as a challenge to themselves, but also as a means to raise money for their charity of choice KIVA.

From an email I received from one of the guys, he writes about KIVA:

“KIVA is the world’s first person-to-person micro lending website, that empowers individuals such as you and I to lend money directly to entrepreneurs throughout the developing world.  It is not that these entrepreneurs lack the know-how, resolve, or determination needed to change their lives and the lives around them; they lack the access to capital. With a repayment rate of 98%, the issuing of micro loans through KIVA is truly a sustainable means of poverty alleviation that rewards those striving to make a difference for themselves and their communities.  For more information on the KIVA Foundation and how you can contribute to our cause, click here:”

When I write about this I’m already consumed with the need for an impossible adventure like this, but also so excited to watch their progress. I hope you follow them and support them!

* these guys are very new to the whole social internet thing…late bloomers if you will, so cut them a little slack- -at least at the beginning!


whether or not you like weather

I think you’ll appreciate and like this…it’s a fun, beautifully creative approach to an otherwise boaring, and often hateful, subject: the weather!


You can look at the next day and change the city you’re looking at. Although the weather is from Yahoo! it’s still more bearable because it’s so pretty to look at!

two awesomely entertaining bookmarkable sites

I’ve been checking these sites daily for a while now, but I’ve never posted about them. Neither of them need any explanation, they only need you to click on them, bookmark them, them, and visit them as frequently as possible to keep you smiling and laughing.


I hope they make you as happy as they make me.

is anyone else obsessed with birthdays?

…because I am!!! and I just found a half birthday calculator, which is a-mazing. For as long as I can remember my mom has been full force birthdays and more than half force half birthdays:)

So, for all you birthday and half birthday lovers enjoy this great half birthday calculator!


And remember, a half birthday is just as great as a whole one!

new catagories welcomed to shedorksout…

I’ve decided to start new categories where I can post  quick blurbs about articles, videos, pictures, and anything else I deem worthy (or unworthy) of talking about. So…welcome categories: Watchit, Readit, and Seeit. (golf clap).