I live in Brooklyn. I work in advertising in New York City. I like to dabble in anything and everything I am, or might be, interested in. Dorking out is one of my favorite things to do.


6 responses to “itsemily!

  1. Hello, Emily. Here is your first comment. Do you like it? What do I win?

  2. Kiss on the left cheek. Kiss on the right.

  3. thegrahambaileyblog

    Hi there, I like your style!
    It’s nice to know that there are female geeks out there, too. I also loved your woot woot Free TV Online!!! Post, which was cracking.

    Hope to hear from you soon, Graham x

  4. Hi Emily!

    I’m currently working with Hasbro, Inc. and Electronic Arts Inc. on their new SCRABBLE ® game for Facebook.

    I found your site while searching for people who love playing Scrabble on Facebook and want to invite you to be part of an exclusive closed BETA test of the new SCRABBLE® game for Facebook.

    If you accept the invitation, I hope you’ll share your experience with your site’s readers. And, of course, we’d also love for you to share your thoughts on the game with us directly.

    If you’re interested in becoming one of the first to play EA’s new SCRABBLE game for Facebook, simply reply (please include your website name too) and I’ll send you quick directions for joining the BETA test.

    Thanks so much for your time—

  5. Emily,
    You are so quick in the electo spectrum. We have known one another for some time, and your pencils are always sharpened, your glasses are always on, for sharp vision, and you always wear that little hat I still wonder about, you know the one that has your brain turned on all day. You are the only person to get on Gawker as quick as you did, though I think that may have been some stroke of luck, and I may have said this before but you are FAST! Anyways, thanks for elevating my electronic consciousness… you bring vivid clarity into my screen life.

    Thank you.
    Electronic Blessings,

  6. Define … dorking out.

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