Razorfish’s most recent FEED study; the bits and pieces I really enjoyed

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I’m not going to post some intricate and complicated response to Razorfish’s newest FEED study, but I do want to write down the statements and bits of data that I think are extremely beneficial (although some feel a bit obvious) for those in the digital advertising and marketing world.

We are all faced with clients that want to know ROI, that don’t “get it” and I know that when I’m looking to educate these types of clients, every piece of data and every quote that supports my point of view comes in handy. So, here are the pieces I think will help me, and hopefully you in future decks and meetings:

  • “Simply put, digital brand experiences create customers.”
  • “Our findings lead us to believe that marketers need to be dramatic…and not simply settle for awareness or impressions: engagement = affinity”
  • “In today’s increasingly digital world, the experience is the message.”
    I work a lot on talking to brands about putting meaning into their brand and about proving that they believe in something bigger than just their product(s). Knowing, through research, that fans and consumers see brand messages through experiences is a great way to grow the argument for brands to actively prove, versus simply telling their audience, who they are.
  • “A clear majority of consumers’ affinity for a brand is swayed, either positively or negatively by their digital experience with that brand.”
  • “According to our study, 97%- a near unanimous majority- report that a digital brand experience has influences whether or not that consumer would purchase a product or service form a brand”
    A lovely little tid bit when a client wants to talk about ROI- it’s just a new way to talk about it.
  • “According to our study, 64% of consumers have made a first purchase from a brand because of a digital experience such as a website, microsite, mobile coupon, or email. No other medium has so impacted-or altered- the traditional marketing funnel in this way.”

Once again, another great read from the folks at Razorfish, thank you!


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