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adding another to the cat video phenom.

I was just linked to this via a friends fb status…it’s so stupidly funny that you won’t want to stop watching these videos, and at the same time you’ll realize it’s about at a two year olds level. Don’t miss this!


Let me warn you though, when you go to this site and watch these videos, be somewhere you can laugh out loud without getting weird and awkward stares from your cube mate. Yes,┬áit’s that amazing.

adult potty humor (some may think is a non sequitur)

but it’s not, and I’ll prove it! Here’s a bit of gross, potty humor for a thursday afternoon laugh brought to you by the one and only Gavin of SBTVC fame (and previously of Vice fame…but not anymore).


come out, come out you closet Friday Night Lights fans

I’m not even going to try and justify my obsession with Friday Night Lights, all I can say is it’s f’ing amazing. The more I get into it, the more my friends come out of the woodworks and admit they are obsessed with it too. Well, this post is dedicated to a perfect example of that. My friend Sergio, of the famous White Hot Top Five on Current TV, made a short film about Friday Night Lights. If you watch the show you will seriously pee your pants, and if you don’t watch the show, you will after watching this. So, without further ado I present to you Friday Night Lights Crying…


linkable laughter

Last night I was in bed watching Hook on my computer (thank you very much netflix on demand you are the love of my life), and a friend sent me a link to the video below. With all these views and how awesomely entertaining this is, I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before. I don’t think I need to say anything more…so enjoy the laughter and amusement that this video will bring you!


this is my happy pill, i am now sharing it with you (use when laughter is needed)

I’m totally obsessed with this video. If you’ve seen it, you should watch it again. If you haven’t…I wish I could experience what you are about to.

drinking out of cups

I think it’s like potato chips, you want to put the bag down, but as long as there are chips left in the bag you gotta keep munching away….you can’t help yourself.

Hi, my name is Emily and I’m addicted to Drinking Out Of Cups (that’s when you say…Hi Emily).

everyone needs a laugh on monday.

…so here is one for you:

click and read this amazing email correspondence prank

click and read this amazing email correspondence prank

I hope this made you smile as much as it made me smile:)

another slightly odd product…

I wrote about Maternacord…funny stuff…and now I will write about Mother Candles.

Why? you ask…well 1. I work there 2. they are funny 3. the commercial/film is hilarious. So, here goes…it’s a funny product created for Mother’s day. This holiday is nice. I mean your mom deserves a lot of thank-you’s, and to give her one day full of them shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. But, with Hallmark up our butt’s about buying this and buying that, it takes away the genuine attitude that should go along with mothers day- at least I think so. So, what better way to take back the day then to mock it. I know I think it’s hilarious:)

Watch the video, look at the candles…if you want to be funny buy one for your mom, or your dad, but I don’t really think Grandma would be too fond of them.

wtf…this i had to repost from valleywag

OK…forget ijustine and her Apple tattoo…


this mac obsession is on a whole other level…


HA HA…amazing find valleywag.

disgustingly funny

Not in the 2 girls 1 cup(click to see my reaction) way, but more in an ‘ew gross…haha haha….wow that’s kinda clever’ way. You know positive progression rather than the negative vomitting and swearing at whoever made you go to tubgirl.com (is that even still around?).


Anyway, Maternacord is 30 seconds of disgusting funnyness that stemmed from some really bizarre creativity. But, I enjoyed the time spent watching this fake commercial on this pretend products website. I’d say give it a chance…it’s probably not for everyone but you should at least be able to appreciate the creative nature of it all.

this time LOL is the best description

This was sent to me recently. I thought it was something my friend randomly stumbled upon (and not in the sumbleupon sense), not something almost everyone is in the process of getting turned on to.

Stuff White People Like is hilarious. It takes cliches to the next level by creating them-in a way. It’s like the cliche you know exists but isn’t a cliche yet because it’s too modern. Well, that’s what this blog is all about. Ridiculous things white people like, a brief humorously written few paragraphs on it, and an accompanying photo. There is a new post anywhere from everyday to every 3 days, which is great because the small amount of content is turning this blog into a daily must read for a growing number of people.

I highly recommend you add it to your bookmarks, not just del.icio.us . It’s one of those sights you want to remember to check everyday: Today I was reminded that I, among all white people, threaten to move to Canada when I don’t agree with things going on in the US. Ha.